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Seadust Cancun Family Resort Restaurant


With a unique atmosphere, the 10 restaurants and 10 bars make the Seadust Cancun Family Resort’s gastronomic experience an unforgettable memory. There is a huge culinary choice to please any palate. From award-winning French cuisine to authentic Mexican and Caribbean dishes, our restaurants and bars are one of the hotel's greatest pleasures. The decoration goes with the theme of each place, whether it is colorful, casual, elegant or lit up by the sea views.

Enjoy a simple dish by the pool, elaborate and creative dishes from the Mediterranean, endless buffets, beachfront breakfasts or family meals outdoors. At our specialty restaurants we use fresh seasonal ingredients where you will feast upon a little piece of heaven in every bite, and best of all, no prior reservation is required.

At night, try the best of Cancun's nightlife, sipping one of our iconic cocktails. We have a wide variety of places to enjoy music, live sports, board games and much more. Choose from one of our ten bars and lounges to share a lovely evening with your family before going to bed.

  • Splash  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún


    Located in the main pool area, this bar has a large terrace facing the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Splash is the perfect place to quench your thirst without leaving the fun.

    Here you will find a wide variety of drinks, delicious cocktails, beers, soft drinks and much more.

    • Bar service

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  • Big Ben Steakhouse  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún

    Big Ben Steakhouse

    Enjoy a selection of the finest cuts of meat from each country in a London setting accompanied by your family. Due to the great flavor of the soft grilled cuts, this restaurant is in high demand, it is definitely one of our guests' favorite restaurants.

    • Specialty in fine cuts of meat a la carte
    • Dinner service
    • Smart casual dress code

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  • La Creperie  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún

    La Creperie

    Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with an afternoon coffee and indulge yourselves with deliciously tempting sweet crepes. You will also find ice cream and freshly baked pieces of bread.

    • Dessert station
    • 24 hour coffee service

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  • Fun Bar  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún

    Fun Bar

    Located on the second level. Enjoy a spectacular view of the Nichupté lagoon while sipping a fabulous cocktail and cooling off with the fresh sea breeze.

    Located near the Club Caribe pool exclusively for adults from 10 PM to 2 AM, this bar has dominoes, poker, blackjack and pool tables. It is perfect for spending the afternoon socializing with guests who appreciate the little pleasures in life. At night, music and exotic cocktails create a warm and very entertaining atmosphere.

    • For adults only
    • Bar service and games

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  • La Barra  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún

    La Barra

    This elegant bar offers you a wide gourmet selection of cheeses, displayed in a self-service counter. Let your imagination and your taste buds soar, delighting in a glass of wine, original cocktails, beers, soft drinks and more.

    • Gourmet selection of cheeses and wines

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  • Manhattan  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún


    Satisfy your cravings with a light dish in our Deli, which offers a very New York-style menu. Here you will find everything from bagels, hamburgers, club sandwiches and even specialties such as a delicious seafood soup with coconut milk and a seasonal fruit and salad station.

    New York style deli

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  • Waves  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún


    Very close to the main pool, Waves is the perfect place to stave off hunger while enjoying a Margarita from our Bar Bongo. Don't miss a single minute of your vacation and take advantage of all the food and drinks options Seadust has to offer.

    • Snacks
    • Snack service

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  • Squalo  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún


    The spectacular view of the Caribbean will be the perfect setting to savour a premium cocktail while enjoying the fresh sea breeze at our beach bar.

    Squalo serves different types of drinks, beers, soft drinks, among others.

    • Bar service on the beach.

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  • La Maison de Michelle  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún

    La Maison de Michelle

    Enjoy an explosion of flavor for your taste buds at La Maison de Michelle. Its delicious a la carte gourmet menu features French specialties such as raspberry duck breast, beef bourguignon stew, and escargots with wild mushrooms and bacon. We recommend you try the traditional brioche with foie gras mousse. A true delight!

    Our setting and dimmed lighting will transport you to a romantic corner of Paris.

    • French Gourmet a la carte specialties
    • Dinner service
    • Adults only
    • Formal dress code

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  • Kilimanjaro  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún


    From beers to margaritas, our family-friendly drinks are served in style in the Kilimajaro Lobby Bar. When it comes to having a good time, our world-class cocktails will never disappoint.

    • Lobby bar service

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  • Bongo  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún


    Don’t miss out on any fun during your vacation and discover our full range of cocktails. Our team can tell you the secret recipe for the best margaritas.

    • Bar service

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  • Club Caribe  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún

    Club Caribe

    In our adults' section, this relaxed lagoon-front bar will enable you to enjoy your favorite drinks while admiring a stunning sunset.

    The bar is fully stocked with high-quality spirits and the most exotic cocktails.

    • For adults only
    • Bar service and snacks

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  • Carrousel  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún


    Located next to the Treasure Island water park and with the joyful atmosphere of the little ones laughter, as they splash in the pool, Carrousel is an idyllic place to rest and relax outdoors with your favorite snack.
    Here you will find hot dogs, nachos, chicken strips, fruit skewers, and French fries, among others.

    • For our youngest guests
    • Buffet snack service
    • Casual dress code

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  • Touchdown Sports Bar  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún

    Touchdown Sports Bar

    It was exclusively designed for sports broadcasts. It has 3 giant screens and 7 televisions with different programming, Xbox, foosball, a ping pong table and a pool table.

    • Sports bar
    • Bar service

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  • Lighthouse  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún


    In this elegant restaurant with a menu inspired by the Mediterranean islands you can enjoy an exquisite selection of Iberian hams and an international cheese selection.

    Enjoy a true gastronomic experience that will take you beyond traditional spaghetti bolognese. Choose from a creative menu of appetizers, salads, soups, chops and seafood, all topped with a wide assortment of desserts, including our specialty; tiramisu and panacotta.

    The restaurant has live lobsters to prepare for you. You can choose the one you want to be prepared to your liking.

    We have a salad bar, snacks, pizzas and pasta à la carte, perfect for the little ones.

    Ask your concierge about options to enjoy a romantic dinner in our intimate cellar, surrounded by a selection of wines. It’s an unforgettable moment.

    • Mediterranean cuisine specializing in pasta and seafood
    • Buffet dinner service
    • Smart casual dress code

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  • Food Gallery  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún

    Food Gallery

    Inspired by the best kitchens in the world, Food Gallery offers a first-class experience in each of its eleven interactive stations. It has an open kitchen concept where you participate while the ingredients are mixed in front of your eyes.

    Our modern hot and cold flat-iron plates display food in an original way. We offer dishes according to each season’s theme: Oriental, Mexican, Italian, seafood, vegetarian dishes, grilled specialties, fruits, salads, drinks, as well as a wide variety of desserts and a sweets bar. We also have a stone oven to prepare pizzas created with your favourite ingredients.

    • Buffet type with 11 international food stations
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner service
    • Casual dress code

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  • Midway Bar  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún

    Midway Bar

    Located in the middle of the food and drink centres, in Midway you can enjoy refreshing cocktails while waiting for a table in one of our specialty restaurants, or share a drink before going to bed.

    Here you will find a wide selection of national and international drinks to cater to all our guests.

    • Bar service

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  • Room Service  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún

    Room Service

    Ideal for those guests who arrive before or after restaurant service hours and want something light, or for those who like to have breakfast in the privacy of their suite.

    The hotel's all-inclusive plan includes 24-hour room service with a wide selection of entrees and freshly prepared specialties for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will always have a different choice of menu during the day.

    • Food and drinks service to your suite

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  • El Maguey  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún

    El Maguey

    Start your culinary experience by tasting our most local dishes in El Maguey. It is no coincidence that this traditional Mexican food with pre-Hispanic touches has been recognized as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Dishes such as tortilla soup, governor tacos, marinated shrimp ‘aguachiles’, or marinated fish a la talla bring our traditions to life.

    Indulge your palate with these delicacies made from the highest quality fresh ingredients. Enjoy the best Mexican atmosphere with a roasted pineapple mescalita and at the same time sing the best ‘rancheras’.

    • Traditional a la carte Mexican food with a specialty Margaritas bar.
    • Dinner service
    • Smart casual dress code

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  • Samurai  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún


    Indulge yourself with authentic Japanese food and savor the delicate selection of traditional à la carte dishes such as sushi, freshly prepared as you order and dishes prepared directly at our Teppanyaki-type tables, you can choose your dishes based on meat, shrimp, and a wide variety of vegetables. Without a doubt, an original experience and a very enjoyable food performance.

    Be sure to have this delicious experience that will take you to the heart of Japan.

    • Traditional Japanese a la carte Teppanyaki style food
    • Dinner service
    • Smart casual dress code

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  • Karaoke Bar  Seadust Cancun Family Resort Cancún

    Karaoke Bar

    A basement full of lights and fun where you can show off your voice in front of the other guests as you sing along to our large variety of international songs. This club is the perfect place to enjoy yourself through the afternoon and into the night.

    Encourage your friends and family to take the microphone and sing their favourite songs. The audience’s applause will make them want to continue enjoying the night and if they need a little motivation, a DJ and entertainer will accompany them from 10 o’clock at night.

    • Family bar
    • Bar and music service

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