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What is Seaweed and what are its benefits?

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What is Seaweed and what are its benefits?

April 22 2022
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The presence of this seaweed has become greater in the past few years. Find out all about the benefits it brings.

What is Sargassum?

We’re not scientists, but we sure are convinced that mother nature is humanity' s biggest present. There 's no question about the way it tends to bring surprise and amazement for us all. Along the way, natural production of Seaweed has risen, reaching the beautiful Caribbean coasts to run aground along the shores. Even though initially seaweed was depicted as a bad sign, one that showed that mother nature probably was sending a message, an attentioned call to Hotels and the inhabitants around the block, an unforseen curse impossible to elude. Today we’ve come to learn that this phenomena actually comes along with great benefits when it comes to transfiguration, recycling or building. 

What do we mean? Carry on reading, you’ll find out soon enough!

It’s scientific nomenclature is Sargassum, and it's a type of Macro-seaweed from the Plankton family. What’s interesting about all this? Even though its aspect is one of a floating plant, we -in real words-, are dealing with microorganisms that, due to their composition, float together over the surface in their permanent quest to obtain the abundance of oxygen that only fresh air can provide. 

Sargassum has become a fundamental of subaquatic systems, a topic over which we will not get into details, but the reason why we’ve come to count Sargassum Seaweed as part of daily life, within the Caribbean and its natural manifestations. 

All this being said, we’ve come to a definition of our own, which is: Sargassum Seaweed is one of the most beautiful and useful natural manifestations of the Caribbean. 

Is there Sargassum in Seadust Cancun Family Resort?

Actions we take make our beaches be Sargassum free, especially because ei within this area where our wedding ceremonies take place, also where you and your family, We have a group of experts that come and pick up this natural product to take to it one of its destinations. 

We take care of our environment, so, beyond keeping our beaches clean for you to come enjoy, we also help all of the causes earlier mentioned. These actions are beneficial to give an incentive to the local communities, to fish as well and, of course, to you as a visitor and guest in our incredible facilities. 

Seadust Cancun family Resort has evolved its operative forms to adapt to this situation and get the best out of it, all so you can come and enjoy the incredible turquoise beaches while we take care of nature and of our community. 

Come to Seadust Cancún to enjoy a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean. 

Seadust Cancun is a resort that is committed to the environment. That is why some of the actions we take are for you to have a stay with the least amount of sargassum possible and enjoy one of the most recognized beaches in Cancun. 

Sargassum removal: We have a specialized team that is in charge of gathering the sargassum on the beach when it reaches the shore. Also, together with the state government, we make sargassum banks that are later transferred for special treatment.

Sargassum barrier: As a preventive measure or to contain the arrival of sargassum to the shore of the beach we have a barrier that is placed perimetrically in front of the hotel so that it is not so invasive during your stay.

Single-use plastics: Global warming as we have said before is already here! That's why in our family resort we are against single-use plastics. So be aware to only ask for a bottle of water, if your bottle runs out you can refill it in our drinking fountains that you will find in the middle of each floor. 

Extra tip: Bring your own thermos or yeti, plus our bartenders can prepare your favorite drink and it will stay cold longer.

Nature and its mysteries.

Seaweed Sargassum species  are commonly found within tropical areas, essentially close to where coral reefs are located, and this is where the reproduce and start floating along a whole circular zone in the Atlantic Ocean, known as the “Sargassum Sea”, and from where they’re deviated until they reach Mexican coasts and, of course, the Mexican South East, where the Mexican Caribbean is located. 

Reality is that, even with all the efforts to know all about Sargassum Seaweed origins, scientists haven’t been able to determine where does this plant come from, or even what’s the systemic reason of its existence, however, some speculate that, as soon as higher temperatures start throughout the year, huge Seaweed masses start furrowing the seas to get into Mexican beaches and other geographies.  

What’s really impressive about this mystery is that, beyond turning into an invasion from part of nature -like everyone considered at first sight-, Sargassum has turned out to be a gift from nature, a gift whose properties and benefits we’ve learnt to really  take advantage of.

Benefits of Seaweed Sargassum?

From what can be heard of it and all the bad media display it has had, it could seem like Sargassum has no benefit for anyone around, however, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs did not waste their time and started experimenting with this natural product. From it, people have obtained a variety of interesting results. Some examples of this are:


Some Mayan settlements in the region of Mexico’s south west, surrounding Tulum, have become interested in using this supply as a natural fertilizer because, as they claim, after a drying process made by adding layers of sawdust and exposure to sunlight, Sargassum is turned into a very effective non-commercial fertilizer. Due to its natural qualities, Sargassum fertilizer keeps crops fresh, according to local knowledge. 


After collecting, drying and compressing Sargassum, a group of local engineers have made alliances with  construction companies to make bricks out of the abundant seaweed. This way they’ve found a way to turn this product, not only into a technique to build, but as a job generator in areas where living conditions are not favorable or there’s an evident resource scarcity. To this we’d like to add that they’ve managed to make an interesting contribution to architecture’s typology within their geographies. 


Combining it with a regional fungus, some types of bacteria, and the macro seaweed Sargassum is,  Yucatan researchers have generated biogas out of Sargassum. What 's peculiar about this is that this byproduct has enormous performance capacities in comparison with other biofuel options, and little by little, its use is being pushed within the region and even the country itself.


Believe it or not! Using Sargassum has become a popular activity. Various mixologists along the Caribbean have started experimenting with this seaweed, and they’ve even invented a very popular drink called Pineapple Gift! Turned into a special oil, Sargassum is combined with aquafaba, lime juice,  and Angostura bitters and it’s delicious!

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About two centuries ago, this type of seaweed has been used as a treatment for joint pains and skin disease. Most of these products are creams, moisturizers, sunscreens made from Sargassum, the gift from nature. 

So, as you can see, Seadust Cancun takes every action necessary to make your stay something special. Let us take care of everything while you enjoy fresh drinks by the sea and fall in love with the view. 

See you next time!


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