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Is Seadust Cancun a Socially Responsible Hotel?

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Is Seadust Cancun a Socially Responsible Hotel?

October 26 2021
Seadust Secrets

Seadust Cancun Family Resort is dedicated to becoming a socially responsible hotel, always seeking out new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and give back. We take our social responsibility seriously and consider it part of our mission to involve ourselves in the community.  Here are a few actions we practice to achieve said mission:

We are Professional Turtle Egg Caretakers

During Cancun's turtle nesting season (May to November), we take extra precautions to remove trash and obstacles on the beach and provide an undisturbed nesting area. Once turtles lay their eggs, we secure them in secluded nests where our professionally trained staff monitors them constantly. About 60 days later, the eggs hatch, and baby turtles begin crawling to the surface. 

As a socially responsible hotel, our duty is to keep the baby turtles safe in a different area from the rest of the nests to free them during nighttime. The reason for waiting until it is dark is that the beach during the daytime is crowded with visitors and predators like seagulls. Guests can often witness this magical event during August, September, October, and some years November too.

We Avoid Single-Use Plastics

In our buffets, á la carte restaurants, bars, and even room service, we avoid disposable cups, spoons, forks, knives, dishes, and other containers. Instead, we provide guests with resistant plastic tumblers for their drinks. When visiting Seadust Cancun, you can even bring your favorite drinkware to keep your drinks cool for longer. There are some fantastic options at the Seadust Store too.

We try to keep single-use plastics to the minimum in the suites, so we use eco-friendly bath amenities with refillable bottles and spa products made from the earth's finest minerals. The minifridge is free from bottles and cans in the Luxury Suite category, representing the suites' more significant portion. However, guests can order any beverage they like 24/7 from our room service or request the minifridge stocking at extra cost. 

Expert Tip: Instead of using many mini water bottles, there is a large water bottle in every suite, which you can refill in the water dispensers of each floor, or of course, you can bring your favorite flask.

We Make Monthly Beach Cleanups

Keeping the beach clean for marine life is something we do year-round, not just during turtle nesting season. On the last Saturday of each month, volunteer staff members wake up at 5:00 am to do a deep cleaning throughout Delfines Beach. As a socially responsible hotel, we clean our portion of the beach daily. However, it is easier to identify trash that camouflages with the sand with more eyes, which is why this activity is crucial.

Expert Tip: When visiting Cancun, or any beach, remember to be extra careful not to litter as it can fly directly to the ocean and threaten sea creatures’ lives. Also, we recommend using bio sunscreen, which is coral reef-friendly, before swimming in the sea. 

We Love Local Food 

At Seadust Cancun Family Resort, we are also committed to increasing our focus on sustainable food, working actively on a 20% reduction of food waste by 2022. We will do so by streamlining menu options using mostly locally sustained, fresh ingredients at our dining venues. We work with local suppliers to provide quality ingredients and ensure an ethical supply chain. Also, fruits and vegetables harvested in the Yucatan Peninsula have a unique fresh taste you can’t get anywhere else. Make sure to try them on your next visit at Food Gallery during breakfast!

We Take Care of our Community

Seadust not only cares about the environment, but we also make sure to give back to our people and local communities. Destapando Conciencias is a campaign to encourage staff members to collect bottle caps and deposit them in one of the special containers for Banco de Tapitas, an NGO that recycles caps and donates the profits to cancer patients under 21 years. 

Each month the incredible staff collects about 100 kilos for the cause. The record to beat is 144 kg from last December. You can learn more about Banco de Tapitas here, did you know you can personally ship your caps via DHL?

Other Practices that Make Seadust a Socially Responsible Hotel

Seadust Cancun has committed to going green by employing a variety of environmentally-friendly practices to promote and support sustainable tourism in Cancun. This entails saving energy by swapping out regular lightbulbs for energy-efficient alternatives, turning the lights off during the daytime, and installing movement sensors to ensure suite’s lights don’t stay on while guests are out. 

In addition to our single-use plastic policy, we practice waste sorting and recycling. We reduced water waste by installing low-flow taps on toilets, and with the towel exchange program that allows guests to pick whether they want daily towel swaps or every other day. We like to practice digitalization to reduce paper use and try to use recycled paper as much as possible. 

Can you think of more ways to promote sustainable tourism? Let us know in the comments!


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