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Meet One of the Best Spas in Cancun, Mexico 2022

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Meet One of the Best Spas in Cancun, Mexico 2022

October 19 2021
Seadust Secrets

Over a serene lagoon, at the end of a glass bridge, and surrounded by a mystical ambiance, sits The Spa at Seadust, a harmonious sanctuary perfect to live an exquisite and unparalleled Spa experience. It offers personalized care and is open to the public in general, not just hotel guests. Would you love to book a revitalizing treatment or ritual in one of the best spas in Cancun, Mexico, this 2022? Find the best one for you in this article.

The Spa at Seadust’s Heat Experience

The journey begins with the Spa Heat Experience. This soul-cleansing treatment consists of three parts: first, you enter the vapor room with aromatherapy, then the sauna, and finish at the delicious indoor Jacuzzi. You can also dive into the cold-water plunge to seal the ritual, but it is optional. The best part? Access to these facilities is included for guests staying at Seadust and clients who book a signature treatment.

Signature Treatments

Experience the perfect balance between tranquility and pleasure with an iconic treatment from one of the best spas in Cancun. You will surely find exactly what your body and mind need to reach nirvana within this lavish selection that includes multi-sensorial rituals, romantic escapes, and more.

Precious Stones Ritual

Have you been feeling more tired than usual? With this 80-minute ritual your energy balance will be fully restored. It consists of a gentle exfoliation with precious and semi-precious stone extracts that revitalize, regenerate and renew the skin, providing hydration and deep nourishing.

4 Elements Ritual

Have you ever wondered how ultimate relaxation benefits the body and mind? Discover it with this multisensory experience, including a full-body scrub with organic marine salt combined with essential oils. If that wasn’t delicious enough, the ritual is followed by a hot stone massage!

Romantic Escape

Enjoy a delectable selection of treatments for you and your couple in The Spa at Seadust’s Romance Suite with a private jacuzzi: Full body exfoliation, Hydrating Bath, Massage with a warm rose balm, and a glass of Champagne… How exquisite does it sound?

Featured Massages

The Spa at Seadust has exclusive massage techniques that make it one of the best in Cancun. These are some of the benefits you can get with them: Restore energy balance, hydrate and soften skin, decompress muscles and even stylize the figure.

Did you know that there is even a prenatal massage? This one is specifically to pamper future moms with a nourishing oil focusing on the areas of tension that can accumulate during this pregnancy. Perfect for those celebrating their babymoon in Cancun!

Hot Stone Massage

This holistic therapy consists of a massage of stretching and pressure points favoring blood circulation and activating the lymphatic system, ideal for regaining mobility, relieving muscle tension, and unblocking energy flow. Hot stones are the perfect element to achieve an energy balance as they help relax the muscles and eliminate toxins.

Deep Tissue Massage 

Is one of your loved ones suffering of chronic pain and muscular tension? The deep tissue massage is ideal for them because of the specialized techniques that focus on specific areas, activating blood circulation in the area to relieve discomfort. It is also known as a classic Swedish massage and no one does it like the professional staff of the Spa at Seadust.

Facials and Body Treatments

Can you imagine coming back home after your vacation and having everyone compliment your complexion? With the personalized cocktails made of nurturing ingredients you can oxygenate, hydrate, purify, lift or brighten your skin. The flexibility of these treatments make them perfect for everyone despite their gender or age, kids are also welcome in the spa!

With body treatments named so deliciously, it will be hard to choose just one. The spa boasts three staple rituals: The rain shower ritual and the bamboo experience are 110-minute journeys towards Nirvana, they both include exfoliation, cleansing and massaging but the first one will revitalize you mind and body while the second one is for nurturing the skin with antioxidants. Finally, there is the mineral clay body wrap, which is characterized by its soothing and astringent properties.

Beauty Salon

The beauty salon experience is one-of-a-kind because of its 100% customizable properties. You can get everything from a classic mani-pedi for showing off your sandals by the pool, to a new haircut that will make you look stunning before going to one of those fancy dinners at Cancun’s top restaurants. For brides and their tribes, the spa offers special packages with hair, makeup and trial services.

Don’t hesitate to contact The Spa at Seadust before your trip to learn about their seasonal treatments and special discounts.


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