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How to Choose the Best Resort for your Family Vacation

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How to Choose the Best Resort for your Family Vacation

September 07 2021
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Are you looking for the best resort for your family trip? Expert family travelers can agree thorough research can be necessary. However, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to make the decision-making process much more manageable.

Is it Truly All-Inclusive? 

Extra charges are often common in All-Inclusive packages because we don't take the time to investigate what the plan excludes. For example, access to VIP areas, gourmet restaurants, premium bottles, tours, laundry, valet parking, and room service can represent extra charges in most resorts.

Since no hotel includes absolutely everything, the best idea is to establish a list of your family's priorities. If you are an absolute foodie, access to all of the resort's restaurants may be your number 1 priority, while valet parking may not even have a place on the list because you'll be traveling by bus. 

Are the Accommodations Kid-Friendly?

If you have children, you know keeping them entertained and happy is the key to a successful family getaway. Kid-sized amenities will ensure them an unforgettable experience, so watch out for resorts with bunk beds in their suites. Resorts with Kids Club, Baby Club, and Teen Clubs are lifesavers because they will allow you and your spouse to take a break and enjoy the destination's perks. 

Safety measures for children are definitely essential to look out for. So make sure to read your possible hotels' reviews to decide whether they are safe enough for you and your family. Also, look for the COVID-19 preventive protocols and the destinations' overall safety online.

Which Amusement Activities does it have? 

 Even though spending all day by the beach sounds lovely, chances are, by the second day, you'll be ready to spice things up. Check your hotel's entertainment schedule and spot which activities your family could like, such as volleyball games, dance lessons, cooking classes, football tournaments, or yoga. 

Scroll through the property's gallery and try to spot amusement centers like waterparks, theaters, mini-golf courses, zip lines, kiddie pools, or video game parlors. In Family-Friendly resorts, there will undoubtedly be an abundance of options to keep your little ones entertained.

How Attentive is the Staff?

Have you ever been treated poorly in a resort you worked so hard to go to? Let's avoid that at all costs by checking reviews before booking! Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook Reviews are excellent resources for finding red flags in hotels. We recommend checking comments of all areas: pool, restaurants, check-in, and housekeeping before deciding the best resort for your next family vacation.

Keep in mind that your attitude determines your direction. As long as you're respectful towards the staff, they will reflect that to you. Remember that it is customary to reward excellent service with tips in many countries, so having cash around is a good idea in those cases.

Is the Location Favorable for My Family's Plan?

Are you the type to spend all day chilling by the pool of your hotel? Or are you up for an action-packed vacation including loads of activities? For the first group seeking seaside relaxation, we recommend picking a beachfront property far from the city

Those who love adventures need to consider more factors, like distance from diving centers, water sport parlors, archaeological sites, and shopping malls, to name a few hot spots. Should your family crave both adventure and relaxation, look for an All-Inclusive resort not too far from the city.

How Does their Gastronomic Offer Look Like?

Are you expecting world-class cuisine, craft cocktails, and seamless service? Be sure to explore luxury accommodations, so your expectations are met. The resort of your choosing should have a gastronomy section on their website with detailed descriptions of their restaurants and bars.

Some other questions you should ask before booking are: Does it have multiple breakfast options? Where can I go for a midday or midnight snack? Is room service charged extra? If your family has special dietary needs: Does it have vegan options? Is there a gluten-free menu? Are vegetarian meals available in the buffet?

Will My Family Like the Amenities?

It is easy to get stunned by the beautiful pictures of swaying palms on white beaches with azure waters. That's why you have to remember your priorities and ask yourself these questions: Am I going to like walking long distances from one point to another? Will my family feel comfortable with the layout of this suite? Will they enjoy dining in this restaurant? Is the Wi-Fi High-speed?

Expert tip:: Look for a hotel's geolocation or main hashtag on Instagram to access hundreds of pictures from guests who have enjoyed their stays in recent days. This also applies to Tik Tok and Youtube! Just watch out for influencers who have done paid partnerships because the experience they share is usually much more polished than the average one.


Have I Explored All of The Options?

Finding the ideal hotel for you and your family shouldn't be exhausting nor overwhelming. It should be a fun experience! Chances are, by the time you finish reading this article, you'll have figured out which is the best option for you. If not, lucky for you, there is a resort that has it all: Seadust in Cancun, Mexico

Look no further than this fabulous beachfront property, which offers one-of-a-kind experiences for guests from all around the world. Explore the gallery, read the reviews, check their gastronomic offer, and contact them for booking your next vacation! 


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