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5 Tips To Make Travel With Kids To Mexico Easier

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5 Tips To Make Travel With Kids To Mexico Easier

July 13 2021
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Traveling with kids can be either an amazing or an overwhelming experience. That depends on how well prepared you are for your travel adventure. As one of the best family resorts in Mexico, Seadust Cancun Family Resort has 5 great tips that make traveling and vacationing with kids a breeze:

Select a Kid-Friendly Destination 

When traveling with kids, it's best to select a destination with kid friendly activities, attractions, tours, and places to eat. It's always best when traveling to Mexico to pick a destination with safe, gentle beaches, kid-focused activities, and entertainment that's good for the entire family. 

 Mexico's Riviera Maya
 on the Caribbean is a great option; it goes from Cancun to Tulum and has the most delightful weather year-round. With beautiful beaches, charming towns, and exciting eco-parks, it is considered the most family-friendly destination in Latin America.

Select A Resort With a Kid's Club 

We know mom and dad want some time to chill on the beach or enjoy a margarita by the pool... And that kids need a place to play around and make new friends. Luckily, everyone can have fun their way at an All-Inclusive Resort.


Right by Cancun's most famous beach, you'll find resorts with a children’s pool, water park, mini-golf, restaurants with kids' menu, baby club, and free kids club! Of course, parents can enjoy all of the resort's other amenities such as a swim-up bar, beach club, adults-only area, spa, and casino. 


The resorts’ Kids Club offers phenomenal experiences for kids between the ages of 5 and 12, including pool games, treasure hunts, cooking classes, movies, and arts and crafts. If you have toddlers over 18 months old, the baby club will be perfect for them with a heated pool, safe toys, and more. All supervised by the certified crew of babysitters who always keep them safe and entertained.

Choose a Family Suite with Bunk Beds

Most kids need space to spread out and sleep comfortably. Therefore, when choosing a hotel or resort, it's best to select a suite that has a separate room with bunk beds, especially if you are traveling with more than two kids. 

Discover the resort’s new suite amenities

Seadust Cancun Family Resortthere are Family Suites with three-level bunk beds and a king size bed or two double beds that sleep a family of five; the bunk bed section even has its own little TV with only kid-friendly channels! On the other side of the room, mom and dad can enjoy their favorite shows and sleep comfortably in a luxurious king-size bed.

Pack To Keep Kids Entertained and Comfortable

Traveling with kids in airports, on planes, and to new places can be tricky. So, you want to keep your kids entertained, fueled, and comfortable. We recommend packing these items in your carry-on to make traveling more manageable for the young ones: 

- Healthy snacks

- Electronic devices or games. Don’t forget a power bank!

- Comfortable headphones 

- Their favorite toy or stuffed animal

- A change of clothes

Expert Tip: When selecting the change of clothes, include their bathing suit and sandals so once you arrive at the resort they can jump right into the pool! Even if you arrive before your room is ready, most resorts have a Hospitality Area with changing rooms. 

Talk To Your Kids About The Trip

Let your kids know about the trip about a month beforehand and talk them through the steps a couple of days prior to the departure. Ensure they understand the appropriate behavior on flights, tours, and hotels so you can all enjoy a stress-free and safe vacation. 

Expert Tip: Always make sure your kids have your contact information on them and know who to ask for help if they get lost.

Plan Your Kid-Friendly Vacation at Seadust Cancun Family Resort

Edging the Caribbean Sea and white sand beaches of the Cancun Hotel Zone, Seadust Cancun Family Resort offers all-inclusive luxury vacation experiences for families with kids. 


The resort features beautiful Family Suites with comfortable bunks beds, five outdoor pools, including a children's pool, 10 restaurants, 10 bars, tennis courts, miniature golf, a climbing wall, a zip line, Treasure Island water park, shows, a teen's game room, and a Kid's Club.  


The resort also offers a gorgeous beach with clear Caribbean waters, scuba diving demos, water sports, and night entertainment. It's easy to plan your family vacation at Seadust with packages designed for family fun


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