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3 Reasons to Visit Mexico in November

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3 Reasons to Visit Mexico in November

September 14 2021

If you happen to be traveling to Mexico in November, you won't just get the perfect weather and the best prices; you will get memories to last a lifetime. From October 31st to November 2nd, Mexico lights up in purple and orange shades to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Learn the perks of planning your next trip to Mexico in November.

The Ideal Weather 

Sunny Mexico didn’t get this nickname by accident, this country’s weather is diverse but in most regions the default weather is sunny despite of the season. One of the most remarkable regions is the Mexican Caribbean where almost 300/365 days the sky is clear – perfect for taking a dip into the Sea!


Cancun is the most popular destination of said region boasting temperatures from 77°F to 90°F during November. This month is also 100% seaweed free providing pristine beaches to travelers from around the world. If you’re seeking seaside relaxation, visiting Mexico during November is a great option as and the possibility of a hurricane entering is very low

The Best Prices

November is right in the middle of Mexico’s off-season so you will most likely find some great deals in airfare, specially when travelling to the country’s most popular cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, or Cancun. This applies for anticipated reservations and last-minute bookings.


When it comes to lodging, there are hundreds of great hotels and Airbnb’s that dramatically drop their prices due to low occupation, however, we recommend booking in advance to secure a low rate in the accommodation of your preference.


For ground transportation like private shuttles, buses and rental cars there is not much change in their rates between the off-season and the high season. Nevertheless, the experience of renting a car or hopping into a bus are definitely smoother as there are less crowds.


Restaurants, tours, and attractions have special offers to encourage travelers to try them during November. While it is not polite to haggle, there is no harm in accepting a great deal. Remember that in Mexico it is okay for you to tip waiters, bartenders, drivers, bellboys and more workers so remember to take with you some extra change for them.

The Incredible Day of the Dead Celebration

October 31st to November 2nd - This joyous holiday is a cheerful celebration of souls that have passed, paying homage to their lives by making an altar with their favorite meals. It is one of the most important Mexican holidays of the year and by far the best reason to visit Mexico in November. Depending on the part of the country you visit, there are plenty of options to celebrate this charming Mexican tradition:


In the capital, the annual day of the death parade takes place in the Zocalo on October 31st and this 2021 the motto will be “Celebrating Life” to commemorate the people who lost their lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will boast spectacular floats that will march through the center of the city flooding it with music, colors and the mystical scent of Copal.


A few miles north, in Michoacán there is the Isle of Janitzio in the middle of  Lake Pátzcuaro, this sacred place comes to life every November as families fill its graveyard with candles, flowers and food for their dead loved ones. There is also a midnight candle parade on boats!


If you’re in Playa del Carmen visit Xcaret Park for the Festival de Vida y Muerte showcasing the best of Mayan and Mexican Culture through theater, dance, shows, exhibits, altars, music, and food. With so many different activities to do and places to explore, we recommend using comfortable footwear.


Celebrate the Day of the Dead this November with us at Seadust Cancun and be a part of this festive Mexican tradition while staying in paradise. Enjoy a lively array of activities for guests of all ages like admiring the nighttime spectacle or indulging into the massive feast served in Food Gallery featuring traditional dishes like Pan de Muerto, Mucbipollo, and more. Browse our special offers for discounted rates during Day of the Dead.

Another Reason to Visit Mexico in November 

November 20th – Mexican Revolution Anniversary is a national holiday almost as popular as the Independence Day. Green, white and red lights invade the main streets of every city in Mexico as part of the celebration. Most people also like to toast with tequila or mezcal and savor a delicious dinner featuring staple Mexican dishes like tacos dorados, tortas ahogadas and pozole.


During the Revolution Anniversary’s long weekend, Mexico has its own Black Friday called Buen Fin when brands drop their prices on selected products and services. If you have a shopaholic side and plan to visit Mexico during November, pack the bare minimum so you can fill your suitcase with great finds. 


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